Facebook is overhauling its News Feed — so users feel better again

Facebook is re-tweaking its News Feed again.  This time it wants to bring it back to friends and family instead of viral videos and media posts, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced in a post Thursday.  “I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more.. read more →

Now you can leave a video as a Facebook comment

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video can do. Facebook announced on Friday it will now allow users to leave a video in the comments section, as the company continues to emphasize video content as we consume more of it. You can leave a video by clicking the camera button.. read more →

Facebook to Remove Inactive Profile Accounts, ‘Likes’ Expected to Drop

Facebook will be removing memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts from page’s like counts, which will reduce the number of likes if your business has a Facebook page. Last week, Facebook wrote in a blog post that over the next few weeks, it will remove the aforementioned accounts to “make audience data even more meaningful for.. read more →

Starting Now. Ads Will Now Follow You Around On Facebook.

Good news for advertisers, but maybe not-so-great news for users concerned about their personal data: Starting Monday, Facebook will use data it gleans from users for its new ad network, Atlas, which it will serve up ads on non-Facebook sites based on what Facebook knows about you. Atlas is a former Microsoft property that Facebook bought last year for around.. read more →

New Facebook Feature, Save it for Later.

Facebook added a new feature Monday that lets users save things they’re interested in — but may not have time to check out — for a later date. The new feature, simply called “Save,” lets you flag things like links, places, or music and then come back to them when they have more time. Saved items.. read more →

Shutting Down gift Services on Facebook, Again.

Remember Facebook Gifts, the social network’s service that let you buy and send gifts to your friends? Originally called “Gift Shop” and focusing on virtual goods, it was killed off in 2010. Facebook then launched a physical gift shop in September 2012 following the company’s acquisition of gift-giving app Karma. Now, Facebook Gifts will be shut down once again, on August.. read more →

Now Available! Post your Restaurants’ Menu to Facebook.

Aiming to keep users on the platform and possibly prompt more ads, Facebook started letting restaurants post menus on their Facebook pages on Thursday. The social networking giant is using Constant Contact’s SinglePlatform, an online listing service that helps local businesses showcase products, photos and menus. The program is only available right now in the U.S. and Canada, though if.. read more →

Reply to comments on pages with the new updated Facebook for iPhone.

Facebook has rolled out version 9.0 of its iPhone app, adding the ability to reply to comments on stories on certain Pages. For this to work, the Page in question must have this feature turned on. Also, group admins can now easily review and approve pending posts by group members, and posts about trending topics are.. read more →

Messenger Will Be the Only Way to Chat on Mobile: Facebook’s Not Messing Around

When Facebook acquired standalone messaging app WhatsApp in February for $16 billion, the future of its own messaging app, Messenger, suddenly became unclear. Facebook seems to have settled those questions Wednesday: It’s making sure Messenger is here for the long haul. SEE ALSO: Messaging Wars: Vine vs. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat Facebook will soon force.. read more →

Proper #hashtag Etiquette

A hashtag can be deadly in the wrong hands. Thanks to the rise of social media, particularly Twitter, the pound sign frequently spices up captions, statuses and tweets. Like all good things, hashtags have been swiftly overused and destroyed by social media enthusiasts who don’t understand how to properly wield them. The Internet may not have rules, but.. read more →

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