Graphic Design

Our main focus at eSYNCS is creating a timeless brand that can stand alone for years to come. This is achieved through strong graphic design within printed material, whether it be a unique business card, brochure or poster, these should all be able to function alongside each other as a consistent brand.

1382508906_Vectors_ArtIt’s All In The Details

What makes our brands strong is the focus on the details within design. Close attention to typography and craft is delivered within each printed design. Things like paper stock, size of material and functionality are in no way neglected, these items come prior to the design of the work. We believe that design in the details is what makes a strong brand that will rise above our client’s competition.

All of our logo, print, graphic design and web design is done within our design studio (headquartered in Slidell, LA), with a single designer working on each individual piece. We believe in supporting American made products and work with American printers and suppliers.

Just Some of Our Print and Graphic Design Services Offered

Banner and Poster Design

We offer poster design or banner design at our branding and design agency for your business environment or trade show event.

Book Design

We offer design services for book design. If you have a publication in need of being designed for publishing, please contact us today,

Brochure Design

We can design brochures that give your company a professional face while at the same time remaining consistent with your corporate brand.

Business Card Design

If you already have a logo or corporate identity established, we can design and produce business cards that stand out from the rest.

Catalog Design

If you are a business in need of producing a product catalog, we can offer design solutions that will put your catalog ahead of your completion.

Package Design

At eSYNCS, we design for more than just flat printed work. We offer package design for your product, whether it be a label, a carton, a CD or any three dimensional packaging.

Promotional Materials

If you are a business in need of marketing or promotional materials, we can design and produce anything from postcards to sale sheets to folders.


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