Pay Per Click Campaigns

google-adwords-certified-partner-logo1Our comprehensive suite of paid search tools and methodologies help eSYNCS Paid Search clients drive higher volumes of in-market site traffic, increase conversions and efficiently acquire customers while controlling their costs. This customarily results in 300-700% increases in return on ad spend. eSYNCS Paid Search Engine Marketing (PPC) will:
  • Routinely drive 30% increases in marketing efficiency
  • Implement cost-effective keyword strategies to get better client results
  • Provide highly specialized, strategic expertise in Paid Search best practices
  • Optimize rankings and costs using algorithmic and rules-based bidding technology
  • Utilize advanced cross-channel attribution systems to optimize PPC programs
  • Employ keyword-level online and offline call tracking to track conversions
  • Optimize your landing page and user experience to drive better conversions

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